Finally an end to my outdoor faucet woes!

My plumber came by on Friday morning. I explained my DIY efforts. After interrogating me more thoroughly, he offered to replace the vacuum breaker, which I was under the false impression could not be detached from the faucet. I read it on the Internet. It had to be true, right? Anyway, he replaced the vacuum breaker and the handle to the faucet. If he had to replace the faucet, he would have to cut the pvc pipe in the storage room and attach an adapter there and then put a new copper pipe on the adapter with new faucet. This would have been more work and would have cost me much more. I didn’t inquire as to how much more. I just wanted my faucet to work without leaking. He accomplished this task for $159.12. Now we just have to attach the scarecrow sprinkler to our hose to scare away our vegetable eating groundhog.

New vacuum breaker and handle

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  1. Yes Dad told me about this. If I knew a plumber would have asked. Helping david with his ac over phone.

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